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Ferplast BIRBA LETTIERA – Pet Mania Pakistan


Cat litter Trays are obviously important in any indoor-cat household, but it’s important to find the right litter box as well. These open litter trays come in several sizes to fit your cat perfectly.

Cat Litter trays give indoor cats somewhere tidy, convenient, and hygienic to do their business. Pick up a litter tray from our collection and ensure your feline companion has somewhere they recognize as their bathroom. You can find enclosed litter trays from our store, so shy cats can enjoy a little more privacy. Litter tray accessories like mats and scoopers help keep the area clean and make tidying up easier for you.

Pet Mania Pakistan is a largest pet store in Pakistan having a biggest range of Pet Accessories like Cat litter & Trays, Hygiene, Jet Boxes & Crates, Pets Beds & Clothing, Supplements, Training accessories, Travelling accessories and more. We recommend to explore these accessories to make your and your pet’s life much easier and enjoyable.


Are you confused about choosing best Cat Litter Tray or Accessories for your pet? Our customer care team is here to assist you and they can guide you in it. Feel free to contact our Customer Care team on Call/WhatsApp: +92 321 PetFood (7383663).

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